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I don’t claim to be the most emotionally aware person. By there are two things that I’ve been very aware of lately.

1. Your daycare reflects your values.

We’re moving to a new side of town, and so I find myself in the same place I did a year and a half ago. Then with a baby in my belly. I wondered, will these people take good care of my baby? Will she feel loved, or neglected? What happens when I’m not there? I think about the cost. Then I wonder how much goes in to the pockets of the teachers who actually take great care of my little girl. Then I get sad that it’s not more.

When I called one daycare close to our new house, they said they offer a $50 discount if needed. I asked, what does “if needed” mean? As she described it, I don’t think we fit in that category, and I’m thankful. We are not a financial needs family that they so graciously serve on the east side of town. But I do want to check it out.

And then I think of Raelyn, Harper’s best friend at school. I saw Raelyn’s dad while I was picking up Harper yesterday, and he described how the girls were leading each other by a stick through the playground. They are the sweetest family. Her mom was the first parent friend I had at daycare, and we will miss them.

2. My Midwest/small town girl is showing. And it may not jive with my coworkers.

This also related to “we just bought a house.”

When I was in grad school, my professor said something I’ve always remembered. He said you kids from the Midwest never want to leave. He said it like it was limiting. Like I’ll try to help you find a job, but you’re this makes it harder. You people who want to be close to your parents, get married and have kids.

Um, yes sir. I wanted and got all those things. My husband and I just bought a house for our toddler, and sometime later our second baby. We have good jobs we like and where we feel confident. And we didn’t have to go to the coasts to do it.

Telling that story, I literally IM’ed a friend: “You do it for the yard. You do it for the kids.”

Telling two male coworkers who are slightly older, happily unmarried, world travelers, about my small town girl plans made me feel small.

But how lame is that, I tell myself. We both have different lives and different things we live for. For me, I live for the fam!

Wish us luck in the daycare search.


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